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Music Program

While some students find enjoyment in physical programs, NDAA also places a strong emphasis on the development of Fine Arts. We actively nurture musical talents through various performances, creating opportunities for students to showcase their skills to parents, local churches, and the broader community.

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Through the choir program at NDAA, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School students learn the importance of vocal music through multicultural praise and worship opportunities and performances

Beginning Band

Students in 5th grade will choose a band instrument to learn. The foundations of music can be taught and enjoyed through brass instruments, wood winds, and percussion.

Middle School Band

Students in 6th-8th grades further develop skills in music performance and sight reading. Students are encouraged to continue their study of brass instruments, wood winds, and percussion.

Orchestra and Strings

The NDAA String Orchestra performs both locally and throughout Texas. Students just learning strings in the Lower School will look forward to joining the older students in the future.

Spiritual Life

NDAA is dedicated to fostering a deep connection with God, emphasizing the importance of finding Him in our daily lives. We have daily Bible classes that provide a foundation for spiritual growth, a student-led weekly chapel where our community comes together in worship, and weeks dedicated to prayer throughout the year. These intentional practices help nurture a vibrant spiritual atmosphere on our campus.

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Athletics is an important part of NDAA. It teaches the leadership, teamwork, and the strategic thinking skills needed for success in any collaborative environment. Team sports also allow practical application of character-building traits that colleges and employers look for in promising students. In addition to promoting quality academics, athletics builds a foundation of integrity within our students while fostering honesty and respect. Together, the character-building principles of a strong sports program help development a Christ-like character.

Sports Physical Form
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  • Varsity Girls Volleyball (Fall)
  • Middle School Girls Volleyball (Fall)
  • Varsity Soccer / Co-ed (Fall)
  • Middle School Soccer / Co-ed (Fall)
  • Lower School Soccer / Co-ed (Fall)
  • Varsity Cross Country / Co-ed (Fall)
  • Varsity Boys Basketball (Winter)
  • Varsity Girls Basketball (Winter)
  • Junior Varsity Boys Basketball (Winter)
  • Middle School Boys Basketball (Winter)
  • Middle School Girls Basketball (Winter)


NDAA is excited to offer students the chance to engage in Lego Robotics for 6th-8th graders and Robotics for High School students. Through these programs, students get a glimpse into the realms of engineering and programming using robots. Participants explore the world of creativity and problem-solving as they tinker with Legos to build their robots and develop programs to execute various tasks. Additionally, our Stem/Smart Lab introduces students to diverse technologies throughout the year, fostering a hands-on learning experience that extends beyond the traditional classroom setting.

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National Honor Society

Introduced over a century ago, the National Honor Society is anchored in four core pillars: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. These pillars are not merely badges of honor for NHS members; they serve as transformative keys that unlock potential, enriching each student's educational journey. Ultimately, they empower students to make lasting and impactful contributions to our world.

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After School Program

Explore the enriching possibilities of our after-school program at NDAA! Beyond regular school hours, our program provides a dynamic and supportive environment where students can delve into various activities, receive additional academic support, and engage in fun and constructive experiences. It's an extension of our commitment to fostering well-rounded growth in every student. Join us for an exciting blend of learning and enjoyment after the school bell rings!

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One last thing:

At North Dallas Adventist Academy, children benefit from a balanced focus on academic excellence and spiritual growth. With dedicated teachers and a supportive environment, students receive personalized attention and develop strong moral values. The academy's emphasis on character development and community involvement ensures that children are prepared for success in all aspects of life.

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