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Academic Program

The NDAA Upper School Division offers a college preparatory curriculum that equips students with the broad critical thinking skills needed to successfully serve in any vocation. Students are offered leadership development opportunities and are strongly encouraged to put their skills into practice in both community service and on-campus service opportunities.

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Christ-centered Students

The objective is to develop well balanced, Christ-centered students ready and able to make an impact in their local communities and abroad. With a highly diverse student population, including international students from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, our students embrace diversity, think critically, and are nurtured to become responsible world citizens with a burden for The Great Commission.

Program Highlights

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Academic Excellence

Our upper school program offers a comprehensive and challenging curriculum designed to prepare students for success in college and beyond.

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Leadership Development

Our upper school program provides numerous opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and take on roles of responsibility both within the school and in the community.

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College Preparation

We are committed to ensuring that every student is well-prepared for the rigors of college academics. Additionally, we offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses

Spiritual Growth

As an Adventist school, we integrate faith into every aspect of our upper school program. Our goal is to inspire students to develop a personal relationship with God, cultivate a strong sense of purpose and identity, and live out their faith in their daily lives.

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Firm Commitment

North Dallas Adventist Academy (NDAA) nurtures socially responsible youths with a passion for service and a strong love for God.  With a firm commitment to providing each student with a holistic education, each child is mentored to develop mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

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